Results – April Walk-Trot Dressage

Well done and thanks to all to turned out to make the day a success. And big thanks to Jane for her work in orgnaising.


Class 1
Rider Horse Place
Diana Tracey Loobhru Bay Lady 1
Tracy Cavanagh Harley 2=
Michelle Docherty Charlie 2=
Antonia Cairns Rain 4
Fiona Macfarlane Diamond Link 5=
Debbie Cooper Tarka 5=
Lindsey McKinnon Bryncarreg Mr Bean 7
Elaine Donnelly Cleo 8=
Irene Penman Cobbler 8=
Bernadette Kerr Cayro 10
Class 2
Rider Horse Place
Tracy Cavanagh Harley 1
Diana Tracey Loobhru Bay Lady 2
Bernadette Kerr Cayro 3
Michelle Docherty Charlie 4
Davina Halec Tina 5
Davina Halec Megan 6
Irene Penman Cobbler 7

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