Central Animal Physiotherapy Services

Chartered Physiotherapist – assessment & treatment for humans, horses, small animals & rider assessment in South lanarkshire & Central Scotland.





Covington Rug Wash

Professional Cleaning Services

We wash all horse rugs individually  to ensure they are clean inside and out. We wash horse rugs in a commercial sized washer using water at no more than 40°C and hang dry to avoid shrinkage.  All horse rugs are laundered with Nikwax Rug Wash and we re-proof using Nikwax Rug Proof.



Clark & Standfield

Clark & Standfield Limited specialise in all aspects of Naval Architecture, Marine and Floating Dock Engineering, Marine Technology and Civil-Marine interface projects. Clark & Standfield Limited clients include Port Authorities, Government, Navies, Shipbuilders, Shiprepairers, Shipowners and Ship Operators.