RESULTS Dressage 17th September

Class 1 Introductory B


1st           Lee Valantine                     Lily                                          68.26%

2nd          Amanda Byers                   Glendale of Gellybank    61.09%

3rd           Jodie Cassels                      TD Nayad                             59.57%

4th           Jodie Cassels                      Take The Biscuit III           57.17%

5th           Lynne McTaggart              Fintels Fortune                 54.78%

6th           Debbie Mclellan                Hunting Lady                      54.57%

7th           Alison Ross                          Alfie                                       51.52%

8th           Kalise Mccolm                   Leo                                         49.57%


Class 2 Prelim 12


1st           Emma Fenwick                  Watervalley Diamond Lady          69.81%

2nd          Mark Johnston                  Its Funtime                                         69.44%

3rd           Alex Ross                             Princess                                               68.70%

4th           Jodie Cassels                      Lincourt Max                                      67.78%

5th           Belinda Morison               Sharanga                                             66.30%

6th           Melissa Mowat                 Marley                                                  65.37%

7th           Amanda Byers                   Glendale of Gellybank                    64.26%

8th           Kirsten Warden                 Regal Cavalier                                    62.59%

9th           Lynne McTaggart              Fintels Fortune                                 62.41%

10th         Anne Lothian                     Yasmin                                                  60.19%


Class 3 Prelim 13


1st           Jenny Mowat                     Red Star Runner                               76.54%

2nd          Jodie Cassels                      Lincourt Max                                      76.35%

3rd           Jenny Mowat                     Aliludo                                                  75.19%

4th           Mark Johnston                  Its Funtime                                         66.35%

5th           Kirsten Warden                 Regal Cavalier                                    63.27%

6th           Emma Fenwick                  Watervalley Diamond Lady          61.73%

7th           Belinda Morison               Sharanga                                             58.85%

8th           Nadine McGhee               Pandora                                               48.85%


Class 4 Novice 34

A Section

1st           Louise Howatson              Laccarria Laccatta                             63.33%


B Section

1st           Marion Reid                       Rocky                                                    68.81%

2nd          Jenny Mowat                     Red Star Runner                               68.10%

3rd           Fiona Black                          Dolly                                                      66.90%

4th           Jayne Donaldson              Lochlibos Possum                            66.19%

5th           D Fehler                               Lancelot                                               64.05%


Class 5 Elementary 42


A Section

1st           Louise Howatson              Laccarria Laccatta                             67.66%


B Section

1st           Sam Eaton                           Victor Hugo                                        73.91%

2nd          Marion Reid                       Rocky                                                    67.03%


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